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Hi All!

Hi, everybody! Hope somebody's actually reading this, as this community seems to be pretty dead....where are you all, my fellow Jim Steinman fans???? I only joined LiveJournal so I could join this community, if I'm the only person who actually bothers with it I'm going to be really disappointed....
Anyway, a bit about me! I'm 15, so it was nice to see some Steinman fans who aren't actually old enough to remember Bat Out Of Hell!
I suppose I ought to say what my favourite Steinsongs is....but it's so hard to choose!!!! Alltime favourites include: "Out Of The Frying Pan (And Into The Fire)", "Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through", "Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young", "Total Eclipse Of The Heart", "Confessions Of A Vampire" and, well, LOADS of others! My favourite musicals are easier to choose: "Tanz der Vampire" (but NOT the English version - the English version must be killed, it was a total fiasco - by the way, is anyone in this community going to the Oberhausen production in November? I wanted to go, but alas, school and mock GCSEs got in the way!) and also "Neverland".
Well, that's all. I'll write again somewhen....
Wohl der Nacht xx
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